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html [00098.9 KB] Read More December 30, 2009 * Fixed some minor typos. Tags: 011t.rar, trainer.html, trainer.zipQ: What is "structured way of doing things"? Can anyone explain to me what "structured way of doing things" means? I come across this phrase in news articles all the time but I have no idea what it means. Google gives me the definition A system of doing things in a controlled and structured way. but I'm sure there must be a more specific meaning for this phrase. Can you help? A: The term "structured way of doing things" means "a method of procedure" or "a procedure" or "a process." In many cases, a structured way of doing things has elements of consistency, compliance, and predictability. All 31 BMA MPs have signed a motion calling on the government to recognise that mental health is a matter of public health, following the appointment of a commission to report on the way forward for health in the UK. The motion, adopted by all Labour and Conservative MPs, states that “mental health is a matter of public health” and the BMA’s responsibility is “to provide advice on how to improve the health of patients, their families and their carers”. It urges the government to follow the report of the forthcoming mental health royal commission into the “expanding coverage and developing quality of services” in England. Labour MP Steve McCabe, who has campaigned for mental health to be recognised as a matter of public health, welcomed the signing of the motion and told Pulse that he “welcomed the truth about mental health for all of us to see”. The BMA’s draft mental health strategy was published earlier this year, which stresses that mental health and wellbeing are essential parts of the person, family and community, and that health and social care should be based on the principles of person-centred care. It also describes mental health as a public health issue, and calls for adequate mental health service, as well as access to mental health as a civil right. McCabe said he is looking forward to the second phase of the royal commission, which is due to report in January 2020. He said: “It will help us to get



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